to the Gare Maritime Food Market
Expect the Unexpected


Discover the Belgian terroir with 10 new street food concepts, in market style format, presented by 10 top chefs in an iconic venue with a unique bar experience.

A culinary experience like no other and a party that never stops.

The Victoria Bar is at the heart of our Food Market. This strong blond beer honours the victory of the Archangel Saint Michael, a patron Saint who defended Brussels against evil in 1695… With its 100% natural ingredients and secondary fermentation in the bottle, Victoria also represents our centuries-old Belgian brewing heritage.

Looking for a unique and exceptional
location for your next company event?

Gare Maritime Food Market can be made available for that special occasion and corporate events such as team buildings, product launches, award ceremonies, conferences, to name a few.

Gare Maritime Food Market not only guarantees a fantastic food experience but is also digitally operated so you can enjoy a meal with family and/or friends thanks to a combination of technologies. You can choose from a variety of Belgian-inspired dishes and any combinations you desire. While waiting for your food, you can order drinks on your smartphone. Only one payment is required.

In order to ensure the full Belgitude of the food market, 70% of the ingredients used by our chefs are local. Chefs order their ingredients within a defined radius to ensure a local impact. The ingredients are seasonal and are based on a no-waste and organic philosophy.

The food court is a plastic-free zone. All materials used are either returnable, compostable or biodegradable. We ensure that waste is managed in a circular manner from start to finish with our partner Ecosmart.

Belgium is full of young talents who are just waiting to express themselves. Our food market has the ambition to highlight their culinary skills and to promote innovative culinary experiences.
Gare Maritime-Food Market is a human permaculture with a local dynamic and a valorization of local skills. The restaurants are invited to create links with the occupants of Tour & Taxis and the neighbourhood. Joint projects and business relationships are encouraged to evolve over time, in order to contribute to the ambition of the project.

The Food Market not only ensures a fantastic food experience but also ensures a fully digital experience where you can find a combination of technology and enjoying a meal with family and/or friends. You can choose out of several, Belgian inspired, different oriented food dishes. You can combine whatever you want. While waiting for your personal device to pop up a server will serv your ordered drinks. Only one payment will be needed.

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We don't take any table reservation, except for corporate package for more information click here

Practical info

Food Concepts
Sunday: 11h30-20h00
Monday to Wednesday: 12h00-21h30
Thursday to Saturday: 12h00 – 22h30

Victoria Bar
Sunday: 10h00-20h30
Monday to Wednesday: 11h00-23h00
Thursday to Saturday: 11h00 – 24h00

Casa Corona – outside covered terrace 

Thursday to Sunday 12h00-22h00 
Annual Closures

24/12/2021 & 25/12/2022
31/12/2021 & 01/01/2022

The service is of food market style, with a digital ordering system.

Gare Maritime is a covered street, so in wintertime, some parts of the main area can get chilly.

We can’t wait to welcome you!